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Opening title sequence | Client: Tedi Prod. | 2013


“Gordin Cell” (“Ta Gordin”) is an Israeli thriller and drama series, centering on a Russian family that immigrated from the Soviet Union to Israel in the 1990s.

The challenge we faced in this project was to combine the Israeli spirit with the Soviet character. Because the story is about intelligence forces and cracking codes, we combined Hebrew with Cryllic letters.

After the show aired in Israel, its production and broadcasting rights were sold  to NBC in the U.S., which gave it the title "M.I.C.E: Money, Ideology, Coercion, & Ego.” In addition, the series was sold to Russian production company JITV, and to South Korean company KBS (Korean Broadcasting System).



Clients Tedy Productions / YES / Keshet
Production Puma
Direction and editing Oren Anavi
Design and art Udi Morag