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Rising Star USA

Branding and Graphic kit | Client: Keshet | 2014


Following the Israeli format, “Rising Star USA” is the American version of the interactive reality singing show. We developed a customized opening sequence and graphic package.

The opener was filmed and produced in Snowball studios. Our mission was to show the interactive will of the audience which has the power to control who continues and who does not. Our studio produced and created the graphic kit, onstage and on-screen. All materials were designed to work as live elements in order to complete the interactive experience.

The format was created by Keshet Broadcasting. After airing in Israel in 2013, the format was sold to 14 different countries, including Russia, Brazil, and China. Our graphic kit and opener are used by all the various local versions.



Graphic kit Puma Udi Morag
Promo Production Keshet
Compositing and 3D Snowball
Original Music Prion Music